10 Best Action Games Like PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS (2021)

Video games are one of the most popular categories nowadays, and we know very well that free games are not always free. Today, in this post we gonna share some amazing fun, action, and adventure games.

Action games are very popular on all the platforms and many of these games are offer you to play free. There are many different action games out now, including shooters, adventure, fighting, Quiz, and more.

We have assembled a list of the Best Action Games popular games with low MBs, and free for your device. you will play some offline and online for mobiles or tablets.

Best Action Games for Android (Online)


UNKILLED APK MOD is an amazing online game which is an FPS shooter Multiplayer Zombie Survival Shooter game and it’s was developed and first made published by Madfinger Gamers. Madfinger Games are the same developers of other compelling Zombie apocalypse gameplay. Games such as Dead Trigger and Shadow Gun.

The new update v0.8.2 is actually out yet and it has many new fights and PVP arenas and whatnot, which will be discussed later in the line of posts.

But for the records UnKILLED MOD APK is one of a kind, it’s a terrifying zombie apocalypse gameplay in a multi-award-winning FPS.

Play Store Rating – 4.4
Downloads – Over 10 million


Injustice 2 MOD APK + DATA v1.50 is the upgraded version to v1.8.0. In Injustice 2 MOD APK downloaders of this gameplay would be facing a one-to-one brutal combat-kill, where you have to test your strength and limit-pushing your body yond your breaking point.

Injustice 2 MOD APK+ DATA version 1.8.0 appeared newly in the Play Store in a sort of soft launch. Certainly, this gameplay can’t be found in the UK, either in the US so Themediazones has offer this gameplay for a free download with OBB Date. Grasp at this chance to downloading it, while other fans are busy searching.

Injustice 2 MOD APK+ DATA is card gameplay and it’s been made easier to control. Gamers just could merely tap the screen to display attacking moves, swiping forward, and others.

Play Store Rating – 4.2
Downloads – Over 10 million

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK Unlimited Money VIP 3.4.1a Anti-Ban world’s most advanced street, for now, has its new update within your grasp and that is v 3.2.1c. The new updated version is wow! The gameplay now contains newer upgrades and intriguing game themes that made the whole pastime breath-taking. Update 13 is about the new costumes and ammo/weapons that are on board.

The Gangstar Vegas MOD AKP Unlimited Money is a download free Android pastime and it has open a world-action-packed game with much more amazing content that keeps gamers addicted. The gameplay is updated with version 3.2.0 having a new adventurous new story and mission.

Play Store Rating – 4.3
Downloads – Over 100 million

Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier RPG MOD APK is an addictive RPG online mobile phone game from GUMI INC. and it’s a global version of the game. Actually, there is two versions for this game, the recent game is updated to version features a new mission and upgraded new customization so does the MOD APK and it’s finally out on PlayStore and IOS.

I really like to play action games with adventure. First time i play the Brave frontier game and just Woww. i feel like a real action game best game i ever play. I absolutely fell for it

Play Store Rating – 4.3
Downloads – Over 100 million

Snipers vs Thieves

Snipers vs Thieves is an asymmetrical multiplayer heist game authored by Playstack. There are many multiplayer PVP games available but we’re looking for something truly compelling, unique in action, and pretty addictive gameplay like “Snipers vs Thieves APK MOD” and this is one of the best multiplayer PVP Heist games.

Gamers have hundreds of weapons & gadgets available in the black market every single day and for the records keep your eyes down for have rare items for easy and critical elimination.

Play Store Rating – 4.4
Downloads – Over 10 million

War Robots

All credits go to Pixonic LLC. Which are the developers and first-to publish War Robots MOD APK one of the most addictive actions multiplayer TPS android gameplay.

Many people have been in on this game for a while and the game has come off with the reputation of been ‘the best most played Robots game’.

The game is an online multiplayer game the only game where giant mech. Robots have to fight against & with to bring victory to their side.

I thought it be nice if I throw this at the very get-go of the post the “There is no campaign MODE” but it’s a free game with MOD APK hack you will be able to get goody-bags like unlimited premium account for free.

Play Store Rating – 4.0
Downloads – Over 50 million

Modern Strike

Modern Strike Online MOD APK is addictive gameplay from Game Development LTD. It’s FPS multiplayer with absolute brutal killing with all kinds of arsenals within your grasp. Try this Head to Head PVP android game with total baptism of fire; it is one of the most impeccable FPS PVP of its series. The life of gamers upon this gameplay is warfare.

Modern Strike Online MOD APK has gotten millions of gamers playing this game, the problem for most gamers is that they are trained and prepared for peace, and they are not at all prepared for what may confront them in the real world of Modern Strike –totally War where you’ve to save your own skin.

Play Store Rating – 4.4
Downloads – Over 50 million

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 APK MOD Android game has finally out now, on Android produced by Nekki. Shadow 3 is nothing like that of Shadow fight 2 –that your players are like shadows, you never see what you wanted. Shadow 3 does not rally good than Shadow fight 2, the best and unique game.

The gameplay has been impeccably developed from the dark 2D to a bright colorful 3D pattern. Fans and other admirers can now have total satisfaction derived from this gameplay.

Play Store Rating – 4.3
Downloads – Over 10 million


TEKKEN APK MOD APK+DATA Android All Region Free 0.4 is a brutalized fighting gameplay from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and they made it absolutely possible for it the be on Android and it’s currently available only for Canada users but you can download Tekken 7APK from themediazones.com free to play this soft launch game globally.

TEKKEN APK+DATA Android All Region Free 0.4 is a freemium online game whereby you can’t have a play offline and for the records, since it’s an online game its MOD APK will never be given for Unlimited MONEY, Crystal or Diamonds rather GOD MODE and One hit-kill-damage is extremely possible –patient for the MOD APK Hack of TEKKEN.

Downloads – Over 10 million

Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom APK MO Mobile Phone Games being one of the best top leading online Shooters it has cost lots of fans and games to lose interest in other FPS pastimes. You can call it “Online Head-to-Head Multiplayer FPS” whatever name that suits your label but I must say, this pastime “Guns of Boom MOD APK Mobile Phone Game” is achingly breath-taking.

The pastime is currently out on for Android users for a long time now; hypothetically speaking ‘it’s been five to six months. Guns of Boom’s action is nothing compared to others, this pastime is unique and conspicuous in action; differs from most of the military PFS you could ever imagine.

Now what made this gameplay an outstanding one? themediazones.com has hacked Guns of Booms MOD APK Mobile Phone Games and now the game features Unlimited ammo (no reloading) and a rapid-fire option to eliminate enemies within a fleeting glimpse –just like having a GOD MODE.

Play Store Rating – 4.2
Downloads – Over 50 million

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