10 Best Free Android Cleaner Apps in 2021

The Best way to Clean your Android Device is to delete the cache, unused, and junk files. because these files make your device slow. If you want your mobile to work properly, then keep your ROM Clean and Secure, but it is not easy to find the best and free Cleaning App.

The use of mobile phones are in our life is increasing. Not only for the call but usually for search, saving files,
playing games taking pictures and downloading files, video conferences, and much more. The best idea is to use a cleaner app freely available in Android mobile’s play store. There are several cleaner apps designed for our help.

Why Do you need an Android cleaner app?

Because of transferring files our devices got virus, junk files, spam and extra load on devices. Cleaning devices is really important to keep it working properly. It’s easy to clean mobile manually without using any apps by deleting spam. just Go to settings option on device. Click on storage option then clear data. (video, audio, document….

Many free apps have been introduced to Android devices which helps speed up the phone by freeing up
RAM. After boosting your mobile, you can run a speed test to see how much faster the phone is working.

1. SD Maid

This is probably the most underrated phone cleaner application in the market, but it is known for its in-depth screening of all the unwanted files on your android device. To clear all of the unwanted information on your device will give you a wide range of services so that you can manage all of your extra files and take care of any duplicate files that are left by previously installed applications.

It is also great in terms of device storing and analyzing so that it will give you a detailed overview of the device storage and what applications are taking up the most resources.

Play Store Rating – 4.4
Downloads – Over 10 million


2. Norton clean

This is another android phone application that is developed by a well-known company especially in the world of security and antivirus products. Probably one of its best features is that it will give you and I was featured without any advertisements, and you can also trust the application for its efficiency along with safeguarding user privacy.

It cleans up all the files that are left behind by any deleted applications along with cache files and much more so that your device will run in a much more optimized manner.

Play Store Rating – 4.6
Downloads – Over 5 million


3. CCleaner

This phone tuning application is great not only for android but also for other popular operating systems like windows. You can use it to remove any junk, along with clean the memory of your phone. You can also use it to free up any extra space on your device that your device will function more efficiently and fast.

When android device performance slowing down? unwanted Apps and redundant files occupy your
mobile device’s storage space. Super Clean is best for you it features are – Memory Booster &
Applock, the fast and power cleaner that helps you to free up storage, clean up memory, uninstall or
disable unnecessary Apps

It will also give you options so that you can uninstall a lot of applications at the same time and get a better idea of how the space in your smartphone is getting used.

Play Store Rating – 4.7
Downloads – Over 50 million


4. Files by Google

This is an application developed by Google and is very easy to use, especially for android users. When it is cleaning your device, this application will recommend users to delete any old files and folders along with news applications and a lot more.

But the best part about this application is that it is a file manager and offers a very fast online and offline file transfer service that makes it perfect for those who want to transfer files in a very efficient manner. It also has a very user-friendly interface which makes it great for beginners in the world of antivirus software.

Play Store Rating – 4.6
Downloads – Over 500 million


5. Droid Optimizer

You might have heard about this application before because it is one of the oldest and most lightweight applications for android cleaning. You might notice that the user interface might look a bit outdated, but it does a brilliant job when it comes to cleaning up smartphones and making more space.

It has a dashboard on the front that will detail all the storage requirements and all the free space left so that you will have a better idea about how your resources are being used.

Play Store Rating – 4.4
Downloads – Over 1 million


6.Ace cleaner

This is a very simple but effective android cleaner application that can give you a new experience when it comes to phone optimization. Not only can it help you keep your android device entered and up-to-date with the latest updates.

but it will also give you an option to delete all of your unwanted files and retain your favorite application so that you can clean up more space. It has a lot of features that you can play around with, along with an intuitive user interface.

Play Store Rating – 4.6
Downloads – Over 10 million


7. Avast cleanup

Avast is probably one of the best antivirus providers out there that has a very good application for android users. There are many unique things about the applications that you might be attracted to, such as the integration of cloud storage and its feeling so that none of your data is leaked or deleted.

This is the best application for those who are serious about getting rid of any old files that might be on the computer and are slowing down their system.

Play Store Rating – 4.7
Downloads – Over 50 million


8. 360 cleaner

It’s a smart cleaner app that Hide picture, hide photo, hide video, hide file, Lock your photos, gallery and files from prying eyes and nosy friends. Smart detect and clear junk files. RAM Memory booster, task killer Auto clean background app. Also you can easily cool down your device temperature and save your battery.

Save Power by kills tasks with one tap, speed booster. One tap boost with widget. Application manager. Uninstall apps manager. Accurate battery remaining time. Accurate charging time remaining. Fast charge and Battery Booster.


  • Auto Clean Apps
  • Easily clear junk files
  • CPU Cooler
  • Battery Saver
  • Cool down device temperature
  • Application Locker
  • Uninstall apps manager
  • speed booster

Play Store Rating – 4.6
Downloads – Over 01 million


9. Booster master

Here is another best and free Cleaning app, this amazing app provide fast clean up service, you can easily clean up phone memory, Increase battery life and Cool Down CPU temperature. Booster master fix problems of VPN services. Speedup mobile , protect network security. No profile information need for installation. all personal information remain secure from third party. Improve Your phone performance with Booster master.

Play Store Rating – 4.6
Downloads – Over 10 millions


10. Speed Booster

Are you looking for a Android Cleaner App with lightweight? Here i am going to show you a simple but powerful Cleaner app, this is very lightweight application. Cleaner up your storage by removing the unwanted and cache files, junk files and many more with your permission from your phone.

this Speed Booster app provide you to lock your personal app by protecting your data. Uninstall unused apps and back up major one. Quick simple and easy to use, just follow few steps to boost your device speed and clean unused files.

Play Store Rating – 4.5
Downloads – Over 5 millions


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