5 Best English to Arabic dictionaries for Android

Being able to translate language quickly has become necessary now more than ever. We are now living in a globalized world why we need to communicate with each other in a matter of seconds, and dictionaries can help us to bridge the gap between communities and cultures. In an attempt to show you some of the best dictionaries out there available for English and Arabic speakers, here are the five best English to Arabic dictionaries that you can add to your phone for smoother communication.

Arabic Dictionary & Translator

The first dictionary you should be aware of is the Arabic dictionary and translator that is a simple application that can translate from Arabic to English and vice versa. It also has other features that might be of interest to you, including having offline support and word suggestion so that you can pick the word that is most accurate for a particular situation. It can be free of charge, but you can even get the updated and premium version for 6.49 dollars.


Google Translate

Cover artGoogle translate is another free of charge dictionary service that you can take advantage of because it has a vast database available to translate languages in a matter of seconds. The camera that Google translate comes with can also solve things like street signs and restaurant menus in just a blink of the eye. It even has support for handwriting so that it can translate Arabic writing to English. This app is perfect for those traveling to another country or those who want to vacation somewhere else because it is easy to use and can be very useful.


Reverso Translate and Learn

Reverso is another popular application that you can use to convert English to Arabic or vice versa. It can be free of charge, or if you want the premium plan, it can cost you up to 12 dollars. You would expect the features from a standard translating service, including having offline usage along with word suggestions and extra stuff like flashcards for help if you ever need it. It can cover about a dozen languages, and Arabic and English are some of those languages that you can translate through this application. The features like / cords and small quizzes can help you if you want to learn a new language like Arabic or English. One thing to note about this application is that some users have experienced connection issues, but it generally works quite well.


Simply Learn Arabic

The next application on a list is ‘simply learn Arabic’ that can be free of charge or cost you 4.99 dollars depending on the package you choose. It focuses more on faces than definitions of translations and can help you learn a new language. It is recommended that you use this along with a separate translation and dictionary application for a better learning experience. You will also get things like audio pronunciations and your ability to slow down any of the audio material to perfect your pronunciation of words and sentences. It also has some entertaining games that can help you memorize words and sentences that are much more comfortable. Hence, it is an application that covers all the things you need from a dictionary platform.


English Arabic Translator

The last dictionary you should be aware of is the English Arabic translator utterly free of charge, which means that you do not even have to pay a single penny to use it. It is a simple translation application that can translate words or even full sentences within just a few seconds. The good thing about this application is that it does reasonably well, and the design is also simple to use. But it would help if you kept in mind that it is a straightforward application so that it does not have a lot of the features you would find in other applications.


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