7 Best Logo Maker Apps for Android In 2021

Design a logo for your Business can be cast 100/1000 US Dollars, it’s pretty expensive for small businesses, In this article I gonna share with you 7 amazing Logo Maker Apps for Android users, Logo establishes your brand’s visual identity and stand as an unforgettable symbol, because graphic designing is one of the most major things in our life. Remember logo is a combination of text or image to create the symbol of your business.

Nowadays, every individual wants to run their own brands. In Pakistan, we can see a large number of people who have started an online business, but they don’t know about the logo, and as we know the most effective thing is LOGO, Logo attracts people to come here or easily describe your business. Many people who started their small business and can’t afford the money to buy the logo, that’s why I decide to share with you some amazing Logo maker Applications with you.

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7 Best Logo Maker Apps for Android In 2021

Logo quickly attract viewers, communicate with our customer for advantage, before you think, anything does you have a solid logo to speak for our company’s? Let’s try these amazing apps to make the best logo for your company.

1. Logo Maker

The logo maker is one of the best ways to create the best logo for your brands, this logo maker has more facility like Logo Templates and many more. This application has 5000+ Icons, 2000+ free logo templates, and 500+ font style. If you are a business person and looking for a logo creator master, this application solved your problem just install the application and make your own logo with your own design.

How to use:

Before your start making the logo your need to download and install the application actually you want, but i suggest you try this one.

  • Firstly, Open the App and select the category
  • Entry your Business name and Describe work.
  • Describe your logo style with font, color, and logo icon
  • Also if you select any logo just customize it, and set it as you want
  • Then Download your logo free.

Download Now

2. Logo Maker

This is a good App for beginners, you can easily create what you find on Google or any other images. You can easily create a professional logo with this app on your smartphone. This logo maker app provides amazing photo and text editing tools. This app is also useful to make flyers, cover photos, newsletters, for your shop, restaurant, and many more.


3. Logo Maker For Gaming

Create a professional, unique, and 3D Logo maker for free on your smartphone. This Logo design specially for gamers. If you want to create a 3D logo for your gaming channel, i suggest you try this one. This logo has many features with amazing ideas, you just need to customize it.

Logo Esport application is fast and easy to use with amazing templates, Colors, Background, and 100+ fonts styles. Also, you want to Transparent your logo Background, you can, with 20 different fonts… So that you can easily design whatever you want.

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4. Logo Maker Free logo templates Maker

You want to create your own logo for your brand, YouTube channel, or something like that.? You are in the right place. Create your design with your choice. Make high converting Graphic logo with this amazing logo maker app. This logo allows you to create your logo easily with amazing features. Lat’s talk about the features, this app has many logo templates just select one and customize, Many stickers and background also add your own.

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5. Logo and Icon Design Maker

This is one of the most popular and coolest logo makers app. If you want to create an attractive or simple logo for your new business? This app allows you to create such an amazing logo for your brand/business. Logo Maker app is a fast and easy app ever to design beautiful logos.  This logo maker gives you an opportunity to design what you want, like a logo, flyer, banners, Business Card, and much more. You can easily create a logo with 500+ logo templates simply customized.

6. Logo Maker Pro | Logo/Icons Maker

This is another logo maker application for those people who want to create a logo for their YouTube channel. This is the best logo maker for YouTubers especially. It allows you to design a logo for your gaming channel, restaurant, Photography, Real Estate Business, or Fashion & Beauty. Logo Maker also provides us photo editing or text editing tool. The best thing about this logo maker is no watermark,

This logo maker does not have any watermark, you can use everything free.


  • Multiple Background Templates
  • Amazing texts Fonts
  • 3D Logo maker Logo and icons Maker
  • Huge collection of stickers
  • Amazing Photo Editing and text tool
  • Easy to Customize logo
  • Cost free Logo maker

7. Logo + | Logo Maker Plus

Create a brand new logo for your Business with the amazing Logo maker Plus App. Logo Maker Plus is one of the most coolest mobile app. The Logo maker Plus App provide icons, unique Backgrounds,  logo templates,  Easy to remove background with 1000+ premium logos, photos and many more. You can easily make a logo, as you want.

This app allow you to import your own picture for your logo, add filters, shadow, amazing border and apply 3D depth map on your picture. The Logo Maker Plus app solve your all problems in just 5 minutes.


  • 1000+ premium logos, photos
  • photo editor and poster maker
  • 1000 free templates for social media accounts
  • Easy to remove background
  • 700+ Fonts
  • 50 amazing photo filter


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