Does Facebook Lite consume less battery than a standard Facebook app

The Facebook application takes the most ROM and RAM from Android devices. From this, Facebook seems to have finally realized the disadvantage of this application and they also released a new version of Facebook Lite.

Which weighs less than 1 MB, which is far less than the classic Facebook application, which takes up about 100 MB. Facebook Lite is primarily made for a lower-end phone, as well as when the internet connection is not very fast and stable and consumes far less battery.

So, if you can’t control how much time you spend on the Facebook social network, this application is ideal for you. This is actually the best way to control your social media account and save your device battery.

Much lighter and less demanding Facebook Lite has almost all the functions as a standard Facebook application, you can watch posts, like, comment, write messages, post pictures, and the like.

You don’t even have to use Messenger, there are messages within the Lite application that work quite solidly.

Install this application and extend the life of your battery.

Facebook Lite (IOS) | Facebook Lite (Play Store)

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