The Best Fitness Apps in 2021

Many Peoples worried about their fitness, everyone wants a healthy and fit body, if you want to lose weight and make your body slim and achieve your fitness goals. Many fitness apps allow you to make it possible without Equipment, i know it’s not easy for everyone but do your best and stays motivated.

In this post, we gonna share with you 5 amazing fitness apps to improve your body, before, your try any app check out our list of the best health and fitness apps. 5 best fitness apps worth the download

Home Workout

This is one of the best workout apps to make your body slim without any equipment. This app provides your daily routine for just a few minutes a day. Easily build muscles and keep gym at home. Do a workout for your abs, chest, legs, arms, and butt as well as full-body workouts. This is such an amazing and effective app for everyone, you don’t need any coach and equipment, just do a few minutes a day and make your body healthy and fit.


  • Lose your weight with a personal trainer
  • Easily Customize your workout reminders
  • Records training progress automatically
  • Video and animation guides
  • Multiple Exercises

Play Store Rating – 4.9
Downloads – Over 100million

Women Workout at Home

The most popular and coolest app ever, you can easily make your body perfect in just 7 mins a day. Women Workout at Home is the best app for lazy people who don’t want to go to the gym. It’s Allows you to create your customizable workout, create your diet plan.  Such an amazing and friendly app for beginners, you can change your body in just 4 weeks.


  • Best for Beginners
  • No equipment or gym required
  • Daily classes
  • Video guide and Coach tips
  • Not Wifi required
  • Weight loss guidance
  • Make your diet plan
  • Track your weight loss progress and calories burned

Play Store Rating – 4.8
Downloads – Over 10 million


Lose Weight App for Men in 30 Days

Another best weight loss app for men, you can easily burn your fat in just 30 days, this is such an amazing and effective app that makes your body fit and slim. you can make your own plan, if you forget to drink water all the time, there is an option for a water reminder, you can easily remind yourself of everything that you want. This is very helpful for us. you must download it


  • 30 days Challenge
  • Make your own workout routines
  • No gym, no equipment
  • Fat loss, abs, chest, leg, and arm workout
  • video guidance
  • Home Workout for Men

Play Store Rating – 4.9
Downloads – Over 50 million

Home Workout in 30 Days

If you want to reduce your fat, without any equipment, this app is specially designed for you, lose weight in a fast and safe way,  to make your body perfect. It also provides diet plans and changes in your body shape, and the best thing is, It is scientifically proved to help improve your health and fitness. Track your weight loss progress in graphs and easily count your calories and set targets.


  • Make your diet plans
  • Track your weight loss progress
  • 30 days challenge
  • The best features are free
  • Video and animations guideness

Play Store Rating – 4.8
Downloads – Over 50 million


Nike Training Clubworkout App

The Nike Training Club app is the best and coolest app for a workout, select your goal, make your time routine and start with zero levels. Nike Training Club such a friendly workout app with 200 different workouts include yoga classes, cardio, and much more. Nike Training Club app also provides you a library of workout videos.


  • Virtual guidance
  • library with lots of variety
  • 200+ different workouts
  • workout videos library
  • Minimum workout equipment required

Play Store Rating – 4.3
Downloads – Over 10 million


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